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Sarkcyber HC10 CETUS debuted at EICMA

2022-11-21 18:55:08 Home | SitisTech Read



Cities are expanding, people are moving through them like particles. The booming cities bring mobility and environmental problems to us, as our mobility is limited by congested urban traffic.

The design inspiration comes from deep-sea animals that had evolved strong muscles and smooth curves to move rapidly under huge pressure of water. HC10 Cetus has a minimalist body shape and powerful appearance. 

HC10 is a high-end sports scooter with zero emissions, which can reduce environmental pollution and facilitate smooth riding in congested urban traffic.



HC10 is a high-performance sporty scooter with a top speed of 125 km/h, that satisfies all your desire for speed.

Considering the complex urban traffic situation, The front and rear disc brake with ABS takes effect immediately to ensure the safety of pedestrians and you. The front battery compartment is designed to lower the center of gravity and maintain balance when cornering . 

In addition, the Nitrogen Shock Absorption System filters the bumps effectively over rough roads or speed bumps. Riding for more than half an hour is tiring, HC10’s ergonomic saddle fully ensures waist comfort.



The iconic SARKCYBER family's LED headlights provide convenience for your night road ride.


Wide ergonomic seat allows you to share a comfortable ride with your partner.



HC10 supports charging at ordinary household outlets and public charging stations; you can charge it at work, home, or shopping mall parking lots. It takes only 2 hours to reach 80% battery level.

The power integration platform (motor, controller, air-cooling) independently developed by SARKCYBER provides efficient power transmission and makes the interior space more compact. 

The 8L storage compartment can accommodate a full helmet and daily belongings. It supports four unlocking methods: NFC swipe card, Bluetooth, APP remote control, and remote control, in case you forget to bring the key. In addition, HC10 has a spacious body.

When reversing, the rear camera and reversing camera can be used to see the road condition and ensure safe reversing.

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